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The focus of the list is on authentic Italo-Disco made by Italians for Italian labels but there are also Italo-Disco made by Italians for non-Italian labels and Italo-Disco made by non-Italians.

Soundwise the dominant type is classic Italo-Disco sound but not in spirit of Puritanism. So there can be also found early 80's Italo with Disco vibes or Electric vibes, from latter 80's can be found Italo with Eurobeat vibes, not forgetting some Italo with Pop vibes, House vibes and even few odd ones that are actually Euro-Disco or something else that isn't exactly Italo. (Thought I may later purge those last ones out...) Of course a couple New Italo productions have ended in here too.

The list is on alphabetical order close to the 500 mark. After it follows a random entry mode. So I'll possibly adding more songs in the future as I think there are still many more that deserves to be mentioned.

Some of the releases (from 634 onward all) have been marked by ratings of GOLD, Silver and bronze which aim is to sort the list into smaller categories. The meaning of those terms should be self-evident for any reader. For people new to Italo I recommend focusing on the GOLD and Silver ones to see if you like this music (you will!). Save the bronzes for the freaks.

Not in Discogs:
Momy Gazmen - City Girl [Zanza Records, ZR 0141] - GOLD

P.S. Many of the releases have embedded YouTube links in them for instant listening.

For myself: Re-check boogie Italo marks afterwards. Some need removing.

  1. A. Keane - Racing The Sun

    7 For Sale from €10.00


  2. Age (2) - Water Suite

    6 For Sale from €25.00


  3. Ale - Come On Out

    4 For Sale from €40.50


  4. Alesis - Steppin Up

    15 For Sale from €10.56


  5. Alex Molo - Look At Me

    3 For Sale from €49.25


  6. Allan III - My Lady

    6 For Sale from €9.43


  7. Alyne - Over The Sky

    5 For Sale from €19.70


  8. Authokino - Raszmatazz

    21 For Sale from €3.00


  9. Banana Band - Let Me Go

    7 For Sale from €4.00


  10. Baratta - Valentino

    23 For Sale from €2.49