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just another one of those dime-a-dozen lists

  1. Webo - Shaking Lovers

    6 For Sale from €6.90

    Possible no. 1? Crushing bass synth and chorus that makes you feel bulletproof. 100 percent pure uncut Italo monsterpiece. A track by which all others are judged!

  2. Decadance (2) - On And On (Fears Keep On)

    12 For Sale from €59.99

    Completely blazed arpeggio spacescape later apparently copped by Daft Punk. Raw-as-all-get-out production, ethereal vocals, and cosmic, melancholy lyrics. Dub side is also a masterpiece..

  3. The Voyagers - Distant Planet

    16 For Sale from €45.00

    I'm a #1 sucka for spaced-out jamz and it doesn't get better than this wacky tracky. Artwork is SSS-tier and represents my personal squad afterlife goals. Vox by Dora Carofiglio aka Valerie Dore v1.0 aka Answering Service aka Alba etc etc

  4. G.A.N.G. - Incantations

    11 For Sale from €18.00

    Good grief, this 10 min-long stoner homage to Mike Oldfield has gone off the deep-end and somehow forged a genre of its own. Closest I can really classify it is that brief genre known as 'vaporwave,' where chumps were slowing down classic Italo beats trying to cop the DJ Screw aesthetic. However, while those endeavors lacked authenticity, this one nailed it 30 years earlier. The vocals sound like the singer 'slowed her roll' sippin on lean before being carried into the studio to lay down some of the most zooted, D.G.A.F vox ever encountered. BRAVO.

  5. Diux - Comet

    5 For Sale from €150.00

    Don't let the backstreet boyz crayola crayon art fool you...this track is what will be playing if I'm ever ritualistically tossed into a volcano. Real deep, loner Italo vibe here. Chorus almost feels like I'm being crushed by titular comet.

  6. Dario Dell'Aere - Eagles In The Night

    3 For Sale from €330.00

    Considering inking myself with this album art and will secretly enjoy the judgement incurred for having a "tribal tat." Only song in the top 10 that can pack a goth dancefloor.

  7. Patrizia Pellegrino - Beng!!! / Automaticamore

    9 For Sale from €38.50

    Side A is unremarkable, but the B-side is possibly the sexiest song in Italo - a difficult feat when you're competing with the likes of Kiki Gaida, Isadora Juice, and Dora Carofiglio! Raspy, whispering vocals to trigger that ASMR.

  8. Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy

    7 For Sale from €13.39

    When this dropped at Patrick Miller a few years ago I finally mustered the courage to bust some lanky pop'n'drops in the one of the Hi-NRG club's notorious CIRCLE PITS. Try as I might, my attempted translation of the 'subversive' phone conversation remains nonsensical.

  9. Some Bizarre - Don't Be Afraid

    4 For Sale from €59.99

    Mysterious lyrics and very-close-to-out-of-tune instruments lend a teenage, bedroom-feel to this track. Also mysterious are the gold pressings which have some mineral baked into them causing a delightfully warm hiss (though word from the underground has it that noise-less gold copies are in existence - a WONKA-tier prank).

  10. B.W.H. - Livin' Up / Stop

    16 For Sale from €32.90

    "Stop" is the winner here. Possibly the first Italo track I heard (besides that 'Tarzan Boy' mouthwash commercial ofc). After 10+ years still cannot understand the lyrics but hey that's half the charm. I will also never be over the perfectly reverb'ed piano buildup.

  11. Lama - Nineteen Ninety Three / Love On The Rocks

    8 For Sale from €35.19

    Low-key cosmic meltdown. Both sides are pure gold. Always wishing these tracks were twice as long, though!

  12. Mike Rogers (2) / Karin Klark - Happy Moon (Remix) / Radio Man

    Side B is what this platter is all about. Crucially uplifting track for those grim occasions where you need an antivenom to Savage's 'Don't Cry Tonight' or Lisa G.'s 'Call My name' (SEE BELOW)

  13. Jo Squillo Eletrix - Avventurieri

    5 For Sale from €120.00

    Epic, heartfelt ballad that should have made it to Eurovision. The 'remix dance version' is superior to the O.G.

  14. Evo (5) - Din-Don

    3 For Sale from €76.50

    For boogie-heavy Italo, look no further. Also check out the insane pre-italo masterpiece "I Am Your Lord" by Jelka and the Dogsmen. Maybe my fav vocalist of the era?

  15. Plustwo - Mad Radio / New Sensation

    11 For Sale from €23.00

    unpopular opinion: New Sensation is Plustwo's best track!

  16. Bagarre - Lemonsweet

    8 For Sale from €29.00

    Disco version is a killer. Totally insane, hilarious lyrics.

  17. Ghibli - I'm Looking For You

    5 For Sale from €29.99

    My life goal (probably already unattainable) is to walk into a swanky party looking like the creepy mugger on this record cover.

  18. Alex Valentini - Beautiful Life

    7 For Sale from €25.04

    This stone cold badass is falling asleep despite having my dream job!

  19. The Creatures (2) - Solar Eclipse

    51 For Sale from €1.45

    Imaginary soundtrack to the grim prison homeworld of the Sardaukar — Salusa Secundus.

  20. Colors (2) - Never Mind

    2 For Sale from €10.00

    Always imagined this track as the opening theme song of a TV drama or sitcom. Also a huge hit in the Phillipines!

  21. Helen (2) - Witch

    6 For Sale from €100.00